Connecting parents currently training in the field of Clinical Psychology who are enrolled on a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the UK



We are two parents who are also training to become Clinical Psychologists. We met each other when we started clinical training in September 2019. We both had worries before we started training about what it would be like to train alongside our parenting role.

We had only heard of one person who had completed the course whilst parenting school-aged children. We worried whether we could really juggle being 'Mum' and 'Trainee'. Two years on, we have realised that not only is it do-able, but as parents we feel we bring a unique perspective to our work.

We found that having another parent to share our training journey with was invaluable. Despite differences between our circumstances we share a mutual understanding of the additional pressures that parenting can bring, which was amplified in many ways during the pandemic.

We wondered how harder training might feel if we were the only parent in our cohort, which we know is the case for many trainees. We are both passionate about building connections with other parents on training and about encouraging more parents into the field of Clinical Psychology.

We hope that you carry on scrolling to find some useful information and hopefully build some meaningful connections with others in similar positions to where you are now. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point in our careers.

Take care, Sarah and Candice. 



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