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A labyrinth is an elaborate structural maze, consisting of winding paths and some dead ends. For us, this mirrored the different routes into clinical psychology, differences between each training course and differences between individual trainees' experiences. Despite these differences, we are all connected by our shared goal; to complete the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. 

Our hope is that this website can strengthen connections and reduce the sense of isolation that can occur for parents who are training in clinical psychology, who wear both hats; 'parent' and 'trainee'. We hope to validate the challenges of navigating these identities but also bring light to the many benefits and the richness these roles bring.

We will be posting links to our podcast episodes, sharing reviews on articles in the media and relevant academic articles. 

Each page below provides you with different ways to connect with other parent trainees. Perhaps you already have children, perhaps you are expecting your first child or perhaps you are planning or thinking about starting a family. We invite you to use this space to connect with your strengths, and to acknowledge the many skills that parent trainees can bring to the field. Additionally, we invite you to use this space to forge new connections and to develop new ones.

We hope that you find something that feels meaningful for any stage in your journey.

Is something missing? Let us know! Content on our site will, at times, reflect that we are currently in our third year of training and juggling our own parenting roles. Sometimes we might drop a ball, sometimes we might drop a few! This may lead us to to miss some opportunities for using this page in a more useful way. It's important for us to honour where we are at and to model that it is okay to dip in and out and do what is needed at specific moments in time. We want this space to be useful for all individuals who are working in the context of Clinical Psychology and are parents. If you have any feedback about any of the content of this site or have any fresh ideas to share, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us! We would love to hear from you and will view this website and our work as an ever-evolving project with exciting and endless possibilities!

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By clicking on the 'Ways to connect' tab on the menu bar, you will find links to episodes of our podcast 'Life in the Labyrinth'. 
In these episode we reflect on our own experiences of DClinPsy training, we will also be posting interviews between other DClin trainees who are also parents. These interviews will touch upon parts of training experiences that can feel really hard but are not given much space, due to training being so demanding and fast-paced.

Pile Of Books


If you click on the 'Resources' tab on the menu bar, you will find a drop-down menu. Each option will take you to resources; such as relevant literature, such as common pressures in parenting in clinical psychology and other topical areas. As this website and the concept is in it's infancy, we expect to continue to add to this. If you have an idea and/or would like to be involved in adding to the resources, then please do get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you.

Group Discussion


It is well known that at times of stress, support networks are vital to maintaining a sense of wellbeing and identity. Sometimes you just can't beat connecting with other people who have an insight into what the training course is like as well as what it is like to juggle these demands with parenting, relationships and other day-to-day life pressures. So we have developed the following pathways to scaffold you build some meaningful connections:

Virtual groups: We have developed a range of virtual groups to cater for all members of our website, regardless of your stage in your training journey. Access to these groups is private and access to some groups will be granted once you have confirmed your trainee status. We also have one open group for all members.

Forums: You can post questions to us and we will aim to get back to you with a response. You will also be able to find the link to our SLACK forum that we set-up last year.

Monthly blog: We will be taking it in turns to reflect on our experiences of training. Due to the demands of the course and parenting, these may be more brief during busy periods such as deadlines and placement changeovers. If you would like to write a piece for our blog then please do get in contact with us!